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Some of Dr. McNaughtan’s favorite childhood memories were made when he finally reached a useful age and was shipped off for the summer to work on his grandfather’s farm in Heber.  Heber became a constant in his life as his family moved every three years with new military assignments for his father.


After graduating from high school in Anchorage Alaska, Ben attended the University of Utah and was accepted into the Dental Program at Oregon Health Sciences University in 1994.  He graduated with honors and was recognized as the top pediatric dentist in his class.

Dr. McNaughtan’s dream of returning to live and practice dentistry in the Heber Valley was realized as he began serving patients in 1998.  He loves his dedicated staff and their commitment to offering high-quality dental care.


In addition to his work as a general dentist, Dr. McNaughtan served on the Wasatch County Board of Health for several years where he was recognized by NALBOH for his contributions. He has also served as district president of the Wasatch Back Dental District of the Utah Dental Association.  Dr. McNaughtan volunteers his time regularly at the Wasatch County Dental Clinic which provides dental care for underserved patients.

Ben and his wife, Lynette, enjoy spending time with their three amazing children.

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